Ravolution Music Festival 2.0 – another successful event with VERA36

With yet another superb line-up, the organisers of the Ravolution Music Festival followed the success of the last EDM festival back in December in Vietnam’s Ho-Chi-Minh-City with an event on May 12-13.
The top acts on the two-day event were Steve Angello, better known from the Swedish House Mafia and Fedde Le Grand, who is considered to be the most defining figure in the fast evolving genre of House music.
Like Fedde Le Grand, a lot of House and EDM DJ’s seem to be originating from the Netherlands these days. As do Blasterjaxx and Marlo, who also have been captivating the crowd with their tunes. Reinforcing his growing profile with a string of excellent songs was twenty-year old Manse from Sweden. Last, but by all means not least, the only DJane at the event was Mari Ferrari from Germany, who is set to shake up the male dominated DJ scene with her provocative performance.

The main PA consisted of 30 x VERA36 plus 16 x VERA36 which were used as outfills. 17 x BSX, deployed in front of the stage, provided a first-class low-end sound, perfect for the EDM mixes and their demanding requirements for sub loudspeakers and their amplification.
A further 6 x VERA36 served on stage as monitors for the DJ’s, complemented by 4 x S33. 10 x C15 were set up as stage monitors and 8 x T24N served as frontfill. The punchy bass was provided by 17 x BSX, deployed in front of the stage.
The entire system was powered by 22 x Powersoft K3DSP, 9 x Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 and 2 x PLM20KQ.

©Photo credit: Sam Hansel Photoworks / Anternation



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