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  • Powersoft X4-DSP
  • Powersoft X4-DSP

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    REMARKS Powersoft X4-DSP
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    • Protections Fully protected circuit design with:​ Innovative failure protection aimed at keeping the system on its SOA by detecting the power delivered to speakers compared to the power drawn from mains Real-time measurement and processing of the output s
    • Power supply Suitable for Single-Phase, Two-Phase or Three-Phase operation from 85 VAC up to 440 VAC, with automatic switching and balancing​ Three-phase load balancing directly managed by the unit without the need for complex load assignments in the syst
    • Thermal dissipation* 1/8 of max output power @ 8 Ω 115 V: 1127BTU/h 230 V: 1058BTU/h 1/4 of max output power @ 8 Ω 115 V: 2124BTU/h 230 V: 1639BTU/h
    • Operating temperature range 0° – 35° C – 32° – 95° F
    • GENERAL Output power per channel Output power per channel 5200 W @ 2 Ω 3000 W @ 4 Ω 1600 W @ 8 Ω Bridge mode 10400 W @ 4 Ω 6000 W @ 8 Ω Max output voltage / current Max unclipped output voltage @8 Ω 175 Vpeak Current
    • AC MAIN POWER Power supply Universal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction) Nominal power requirement 100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz Operating voltage 90 V – 264 V
    • Power consumption Idle <100 W Max <3000 W
    • General Flexible routing/mixing provided by the internal 4x4 input/ output matrix, allows the user to mix and route analog and digital I/O. ​ 4 input channels with physical analog and digital AES3 connectors and optional 16-in/8-out redundant Dante™ conne
    • Monitoring Hardware monitor available for fast local diagnostics​ Real-time load impedance measurement/display for each channel​ Real-time output power measurements/display for each channel​ Mains voltage and current measurements/display
    • Digital Signal Processing TI C6000 DSP platform architecture​ AD/DA converter: dual 24bit @48 kHz Tandem® architecture, 127 dB dynamic range, per channel​ Input/output independent equalizers per channel providing Raised-cosine, custom FIR, parametric IIR:
    • Crossovers: linear phase (FIR), hybrid (FIR-IIR), Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel: 6 dB/oct to 48 dB/oct (IIR)​ Input delay up to 2s and output delay up to 100ms for time alignment per channel​ Active DampingControl™ for cable compensation​ Power limi
    • Remote management Control and monitoring through ArmoníaPlus​ Dedicated Web App